Nordic Ware Bundt Pans - Fun Cake Pan Shapes

Nordic Ware makes some of the most unique, original and fun shaped cake pans. Perfect for baking during holidays and for birthdays, these bakeware pans come in an assortment of shapes that can make you look like a truly creative baker. Hearts, roses, castles, cathedrals, carousels, stadiums and a variety of other patterns and designs (including a star of David bundt pan) make for some kitchen fun. And these pans are affordable, too. One of the more fantastic bundt pans is the medieval castle pan shown to the left

 I can't think of a cooler way to make a theme party for a kid's birthday. This is ideal for the little princes or princesses in your home. (You know who I mean, when they aren't being mischievous, they are little angels, right?) There are so many neat shaped pans, they will come in handy for holiday baking, too.

Silicone Bundt Pans - Flexible & Easy-to-Use

Silicone baking pans - or I should say bakeware, since "pan" indicates a metal utensil - are such an ingenious addition to the kitchen. Because of their non-stick properties, they release the food more easily and are so easy to clean up! So, I just had to show this Hoffritz castle bundt pan made of silcone.
Of course, not all the bundt pans available today are castle-shaped. Some of the most "loved" cake pans (and excuse the pun here) are those shaped like hearts.

Roses, Chrysanthemums, and Sunflower Cake Pans

Bundt pans in flower shapes are so nice! These lend themselves to colorful frostings and colorful cake batter. Decorate or garnish them with edible flowers too, such as nasturtiums, lavender, pansies, or honeysuckle. Just make sure the flowers have not been sprayed with pesticides!
The rose bundt cake (pictured at the left) is shaped like a rose in bloom - really pretty!

Hearts and Flowers - in a Cake!

No more "square" cakes they can be specially shaped cakes such as heart-shaped or flower-shaped. There are heart bundt pans with patterns on them, such as this quilted heart bundt pan. Some of these specialty bakeware pans are used for brownies or cakes. Of course, these heart shaped cakes are wonderful for Valentine's Day, but I like them for any holiday or as a gift to someone special at any time of the year.

The next time you bake a cake, be creative and "shape up." Here is some good information about baking bundt cakes - Baking with Bundt Pans. (Did you know these pans have been around for 60 years?) Make the next birthday cake a real special surprise with a shaped bundt cake.

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