Decorative Grill Covers - Don't Be Boring!

You did got that fancy grill and had fun all summer impressing everyone with your outdoor cooking skills. Now the weather is getting colder and you'll be covering up the grill. But what about that ugly vinyl cover? You really can do better than that! You can buy a decorative grill cover with a fun pattern or design (bird of paradise flowers, banana leaves, sunflowers, and flamingos, among others). Don't be boring with some plain black vinyl cover!

Your extra special BBQ grill deserves some better "clothes." There are some fun, cool grill covers with decorations that you might like looking at more than that black or gray thing that came with your barbecue grill.

This is wild, man!

Some of these decorated grill covers are wild - and I really mean wild! For example - the one shown here is called the Big Game Grill Cover. The western hunting scene is suited to the outdoors and gives some visual interest while you protect your grill. 

And look at the Western Grill Cover below - I think the famous Southwestern painter,  Georgia O'Keefe would like this one, too.

There are lots of college sports team grill covers with the logo of your favorite college sports team on them, too. You'll need to cover up your BBQ when the winter gets here so, have a little fun with your grill and think about having several different covers - you can change them with your mood (or have a backup in case your wife doesn't like the one you do!)

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